Mark Becker

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As a high school student, Mr. Becker enjoyed his Wood Shop and P.E. classes - he decided to become a Shop Teacher and enrolled at the University of Idaho to pursue his teaching degree. In 1991 he began his teaching career at Gold Beach High School.
     He continued his education and earned his Masters Degree at Oregon State University in the summer of 1998.  He is now in his 19th year of teaching.
    In his spare time, Mr. Becker enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, riding quads and spending quality time with his wife Rianne, family and friends.

  "Construction Technology" - This course will cover many basic aspects, as well as advanced techniques of the construction profession.

        Students will learn to work with tools and perform many tasks related to the trade. Students will be assigned to a small group and will complete a model house to display learned skills, as well as complete larger tasks related to the field of construction.

        Course will cover model bridge building, foundations, framing, roofing, exterior finishing, interior finishing and additional construction related topics.



 "Manufacturing " - This is a sheetmetal, welding, foundry and machining course.

        Students will learn the basic uses of sheet and dimension metal, as well as how to calculate costs for projects and products built using it.

        Oxy/acetylene welding, arc welding, and MIG welding will also be covered. Students will be required to complete welding assignments in each of the welding areas.

        Students will learn how to properly and safely use machines for machining purposes. Engine lathes, milling machines and finishing tools will be utilized while completing required projects.

        Foundry applications will also be covered in the course. Students will learn the proper terms, techniques and practices as they complete required projects in the foundry.



"Wood Technology" - A woodworking course which covers a critical safety unit including general shop safety, hand tools, portable power tools, and major power equipment.      

        Students will complete woodworking exercises and build required projects after successful completion of the mandatory Safety Test.   

        Basic techniques and woodworking practices such as wood identification, wood joints, board footage, abrasives, adhesives and finishing methods will also be covered in the course.