"A Leader is someone you choose to follow to a place you would not go yourself"
                                                                                            -Peter Senge
What is School Counseling?
Counseling is a process of helping people by assisting them in making decisions and changing behavior.
My name is Doreen Cummins-Hasty and I am the Counselor at Gold Beach High School. I have a variety of experiences working with students, families, agencies and school faculties. I came to Gold Beach from Eagle Point School District where I was a classroom teacher, Learning Specialist and School Counselor.
My educational experience:
  •  Portland State University - Administrative Certificate Leadership 2000+
  •  Oregon State University- Standard in Counseling
  •  Southern Oregon University- Masters in Education/Social Science
  •  University of Oregon-Standardized Handicapped Learner Endorsement
  •  undergraduate work at Southern Oregon State University- Sociology, Education and General Studies with an emphasis on Social Work

I am very excited to be a member of the Gold Beach High School Staff.  I am an energetic educator who is committed equally to kids and to educational improvement and who wants to be a part of a creative decision making team.  My goal is to create meaning in my life and the lives of my students, staff and community.

I have experience in program and curriculum development, as a student travel coordinator for middle and high school students and I am currently a trained state mediator.

You can contact me at: 247-6647 ext. 234 or