School Counseling Programs

School Programs

Graduation Requirements:

Gold Beach High School Diploma- Diplomas are awarded to students who have satisfactorily completed all state and local requirements for units of credit, competence and attendance.  Transfer students, to qualify for a regular diploma must meet State of Oregon requirements and as many Gold Beach High School requirements as time permits.
Four year students need 26 credits to graduate:
Science (3)                             Computer-based Ed. (1)
Math (3)                                  Senior Seminar (1)
English (4)                               Electives (7)
Social Studies (3)                     Art/Language (2&1)                  
Physical Education (1)
Health (1)

Work Experience Opportunities: Students who want to work for credit must enroll in the work experience program through the school counselor.  This is offered to Juniors and Seniors only.  Students can earn up to 5 elective credit hours. This course is offered as a pass no pass credit option.

Teacher Assistant on and off Campus: Students may register through the school counselor to be a teacher assistant for Gold Beach High School, Riley Creek Elementary and Middle school teachers.  This course is offered as a pass or no pass credit option.

Peer Tutor:  Students may register for this course through the school counselor.  This is a graded class and an end of the semester final will be given. 

Advanced Classes:  Advanced courses are available through the APEX on-line program.  Please see the counselor or high school principal for enrollment criteria and information.

South Westwestern Community College Opportunities: 2 + 2 (credit for high school and college) are available through the Gold Beach honors classes.
Credit recovery is offered each term.  This is a program to help students who have failed recover credit.  Registration for this program is through the school counseling office.

Counseling Services:

  • College Preparation
  • Scheduling
  • Academic Development, Personal Social Development and Career Development
The principal and counselor are available during the school day to help all students. These individuals are specially skilled in the problems that teenagers face. They can help you help yourself in such matters as school subjects, study habits, social difficulties and many other situations that interfere with student learning.
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Gold Beach High School Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling 
"For each and every student"
To establish a world-class education for all students through the consistent provision of quality programs which will prepare students to be lifelong learners and productive citizens.






The Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program (CGC) is an essential part of our district?s educational program and mission. It promotes our students? abilities to live, learn, work and contribute to their communities. The CGC Program is developmentally appropriate and assists students with continuous growth and transitions from kindergarten past high school graduation. It is aligned with state and national standards and will be assessed annually to ensure continuous improvement in service and support of the diverse needs of each and every student.